Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drawing-a-Day, day 8

Well, the bad news is that I missed a day, so I am behind by a drawing. The good news is that I wasn't able to draw anything yesterday because I was busy creating and playing with a new D&D character!

His name is Loambeard, and he is a filthy, cockney-speaking Dwarven druid. He enjoys cheese, turning into a cow, and covering himself with an impenetrable cloak of bees.


  1. Hey Ricky, what medium do you draw these in? Your earlier images are clearly scanned pencil drawings, but this one's a lot more complex, with the background gradient and all the splotches n' stuff.

    I know this is random coming from a person you haven't seen in years, but, darn me, I got curious!

    1. Actually, so far everything on this blog has been 100% digital. I sketch, ink, and color entirely in Photoshop, with the help of my tiny, crappy tablet.

      It's funny that you should speak up, actually. When Chapman inspired me to make a slug drawing I thought of the epic stick figure doodles you used to make!

      I'm glad to know that these drawings are being seen by real people, too.

    2. Which in turn reminds me of Chapman's Mustang Sally.

      Pretty cool that you can draw as well on a tablet these days. I was doubting whether it would be responsive enough, so I thought it must be ink on paper. I was wrong.

  2. P.S. Turning into a cow... nice move. No one suspects the cow.